New Arrival of Replica Green Rolex Submariner

Some replica Rolex collectors may already recognize that green is Rolex’s signature hue. In spite of the fact that green is their color, there aren’t very many rolex replica watches on the market that offer this distinct hue. Rolex reserves their iconic green variations for special edition, or anniversary watches. Many fake Rolex models, however, do offer a green version from the Glace Verde Milgauss with a green-tinted sapphire crystal to the Hulk and Kermit subs that we will talk in detail here.
It comes down to preference in overall design when choosing between the Hulk or Kermit Submariner. Even though both replica models are Submariner watches, they couldn’t be more different. It doesn’t offer the same amenities as the newer Hulk, such as a ceramic bezel or broader lugs, but many collectors may argue that the Kermit is the superior watch because it adds a hint of green while maintaining the classic styling of the original Submariner watch via a black dial topped with lume.
Rolex made very small but important tweaks to the Submariner 16610 when the Kermit came to market, including the obvious green bezel, the first instance of a maxi dial in the Submariner line, and an “LV” following its reference number. Stainless steel is used throughout and is paired with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for added durability while adventuring in the ocean. Rolex eventually discontinued the Submariner 16610LV in 2018 and replaced it with the 6-digit, or the Hulk.
Rolex doesn’t make drastic changes to their classic models often, so it comes as no surprise that the Hulk Submariner was met with caution and some reservations among avid Rolex collectors when it came to market in 2010 under the reference 116610LV. In the years since its release, however, fans of the Rolex Submariner have warmed up to the Hulk and it has become a highly sought-after collector’s item. The Kermit was met with similar skepticisms but has since been accepted in most part by the Rolex community.
What exactly is the appeal of the cheap rolex replica Submariner Hulk, besides its obvious matching sunburst green maxi dial? Besides its higher quality when compared to the aluminum bezels that preceded it, the ceramic insert bezel was celebrated for its resistance to corrosion, sun damage, and scratches. The Hulk also wears a bit larger on the wrist, despite measuring the traditional 40mm, thanks to Rolex’s use of broader lugs.
Both the Kermit and Hulk comes with special features that make them both notable additions to the Submariner line. What really sets them apart is budget and style. The Kermit provides a more traditional Submariner Style while the Hulk is a modern take on the classic Sub. The Kermit has since been discontinued and can a bit harder to come by, resulting in a slightly higher price tag than its 6-digit counterpart.

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